Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Vision Connected Drive: The connected vehicle of the future according to BMW

BMW will the event at the Geneva Motor Show with its Connected Drive technology. The firm is well propeller ahead of your car, so much so that recent developments are downright being a concept car. The latter, which is called Vision Connected Drive, is a superb roadster. It is as successful as Vision Efficient Dynamics, which illustrated the show Frankfurt in 2009 to reduce CO2 emissions. If one ignores the design, this concept car is innovative in its method of display and navigation-related functions and connectivity that will make life aboard more pleasant. The geeks will love.

Come to start a video:

Thus, the new display and control concept fitted Vision Connected Drive is also visionary innovator. There are actually three different interfaces, all three interconnected.

The first is head-up display in three dimensions. Much of the windshield in front of the driver serves as projection surface to relay information in the field of vision. At the BMW Connected Drive Vision, this device augmented reality is the main display area and replaces the conventional instrument cluster. The essential information for driving as speed, navigation instructions and warnings are directly projected onto the windshield. The information seems to hover above the bonnet.
And the novelty is a new technology display used to superimpose different content in three dimensions. With this superposition, the system can prioritize visual signals. For example, the speed remains visible in the background, while the reference to the guide to or alerts are displayed in the foreground.

The opportunity to represent the driving situation in Augmented Reality is another feature of the HUD in three dimensions. We can embed such navigation instructions directly on the road or highlight certain buildings or vehicles or pedestrians constituting a potential danger. These overlays allow the driver to enter the important information quickly and act accordingly.

The HUD in three dimensions is coupled with an instrument cluster with free programming, also in three dimensions, which serves as a visual information center. This is the second strong point of this concept car. He also is disposed directly in the line of vision of the latter and takes the place of conventional instrument cluster. It is further information provided by HUD, for example by mapping on the destination guide underway entertainment information such as album art or playlists, or messages (SMS and e-mails). As on the HUD, the use of multiple plans display to represent the content in three dimensions and to overlay to filter by importance.

screen having substituted for the traditional central instrument cluster, the passenger is assigned its own interface: the visual passenger information (or Passenger Information Display). Completely separate the two instruments display driver, it puts its own area interaction available to the passenger. Not readable by the driver - which is therefore unlikely to divert the attention-This interface allows the passenger to individually manage information and entertainment program. But it also call for additional information and then transfer them with a simple hand gesture, the instrument cluster to bring to the attention of the driver. It is this possibility that makes the Passenger Information Display on board the Vision Connected Drive so exceptional and reflects in detail the idea of networking which is the basis of the approach in Connected Drive BMW. Passengers can find information, music, and addresses for the destination guide for the trip, then pass to the driver.
passenger interface is controlled by a touchpad disposed underneath it and driven by gestures. Bright spots in the dressing electrically conductive panel react to the slightest touch and provide feedback on the interaction between the vehicle and passenger.

Finally, the German manufacturer has developed an "emotional browser. Reserved visual passenger, he can get used to the environment covered by the information displayed in a style magazine. Passengers can browse through the information and conduct research on topics that interest by setting filters and is thus offering unprecedented access - both emotional and intuitive - to information. The browser emotional serves two functions. On the one hand, it broadens the perception of the passenger by providing additional information about its environment, on the other, it serves as a filter allowing only the desired information or relevant. Several filters (semantic) can limit the amount of information offered by the browser so emotionally focused and provide personalized access to information. Informed by
browser emotional, a building to which it might be passed without even looking, and may attract the attention of the passenger. The information comes from the "cloud", ie servers and remote location based services, linked emotionally to the browser. One can imagine for example to use this information later, for example to guide the driver to a restaurant you just discovered, to buy tickets input current for an exhibition or take a guided tour of the city in multimedia.

As illustrated study BMW Vision Connected Drive, the car of tomorrow will be highly integrated and will melt, therefore, quite naturally in the connected world. This networking will not be satisfied, however, to establish simple links between the vehicle and the outside world, but will interconnect the smartest possible. This is where the filtering solutions are particularly important because, in the future, we will be "online" almost always and almost everywhere. The goal is to make information conveniently available to the driver or front passenger's onboard systems. Local services, related to mood or situation, such as the Search Google Local or the emotional browser implemented on the concept car BMW Vision Connected Drive, only a first step. But maybe in ten years, the tasks performed on the study BMW Vision Connected Drive will be integral to our daily lives.


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